Classical homeopathy in the 21st Century

Every new threat to human health requires its similimum.1

The number of stressors mankind is subjected to have increased many times over since the inception of homeopathy in the 1700's. In Samuel Hahnemann's day, people had not been exposed to the environmental insults that are now commonplace: insectisides, pesticides, and antibiotics can be found in every living creature, our soils are depleted, and pollution, acid rain, and global warming are devastating the health of the planet. When combined with our modern lifestyles, these assaults on our health can easily overwhelm traditional healthcare approaches, including classical homeopathy. Problems that arise from living in these conditions require solutions that can address the complex insults to our systems and re-establish balanced health - homeostasis. Celletech takes a homeotherapeutic approach to establishing balanced health via the usage of formulations based on homeochords and the Celletech - Seutemann protocol. Once the complex environmental issues are addressed, classical homeopathic treatment can be used to treat constitutional weaknesses.

Unsung hero(ine)

In the 1970's and early 1980's a group of physicians began noticing that homeopathic remedies that had previously produced Sigrun Seutemannexcellent results no longer appeared to be working. Puzzled as to why this was happening, they began researching changes that were occurring on the environmental level. Their research led them to concurrent investigations by other scientists into the effects of Acid rain, global warming, and industrial pollutants on plants, trees, and people.

One of the researchers - Sigrun Seutemann2 - noticed that in her native country of Germany, plant diseases seemed to have a correspondence with human illnesses. Sigrun began tracing the connection to industrial pollutants from nearby factories. She discovered that the environmental damage being caused by the industrial pollutants was also disrupting the Krebs or Citric Acid cycle of humans. The Citric Acid cycle is the most important method that cells use to convert food into energy. If the Citric Acid cycle is not functioning properly, the body's ability to generate energy will be compromised. Sigrun, who was a heilpraktiker - somewhat akin to a Naturopath in the U.S - continued to develop her theory of the connection between industrial pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, acid rain, and illnesses in humans. However, as a heilpraktiker, she did not have much standing in the professional medical community, and gave her notes to her husband, an M.D., and to Dr. Hans Reckeweg and Reinhard Voll. Dr. Reckeweg used these concepts to extend the development of homotoxicology. Unfortunately, Sigrun was involved in a terrible auto accident in the Phillipines, sustaining massive injuries from which she later died, bringing a premature end to a very promising journey into the practice and clinical underpinnings of homeotherapeutics, homotoxicology, and homeopathy.

The birth of Celletech

Prior to Sigrun's death, Rosemary Rau-Levine M.D. was also noticing that there was a change in the way homeopathic constitutional treatments were working. Dr. Rau-Levine's first clue was provided by a patient of her's who was going to the Phillipines for an extended visit. Prior to leaving, he picked up a case of the flu. He also received a large number of vaccines in preparation for his trip, which were given in close proximity to his bout with the flu. He went to the Phillipines and caught another case of the flu, which he said he had not recovered from, after returning to the U.S. several weeks later. On returning, he developed severe skin problems, which he never had before. The problems were severe enough that he had to wear make-up to do his job. Classical-style single remedy prescribing did not work for him for these problems, and stopped working for him from that point forward. Within the next 6 months, Dr. Rau-Levine had several cases where constitutional remedies, which had been working well, were no longer responding after careful repertorization.

While this change was occuring, Dr. Rau-Levine was attending a homeopathic study group. One of the lectures she attended discussed psychic surgeons in the Phillipines. In that class, Sigrun Seutemann was brought to her attention as a legitimate physician also studying the psychic surgeon phenomenon. As an aside, it was also mentioned that Sigrun was a practicing homeopath, and was using a very advanced form of it called homotoxicology. Dr. Rau-Levine was able to borrow one of Sigrun's journals. As she read it, she realized that the breakdown in classical constitutional treatment she was seeing in American patients was exactly what Sigrun was describing in her diary. She started to make plans to correspond with Sigrun, but Sigrun died before she was able to make contact. Dr. Rau-Levine made immediate plans to talk to the staff in Sigrun's clinic, and spent about a month at the clinic.

Concurrently to the two threads above, John Cain - Celletech President and Master Homeopath, was also attending the same study group that Dr. Rau-Levine attended. At one of the meetings, Dr. Rau-Levine shared her experiences about the recent ineffectiveness of classical-style treatments in her patients and that she had gone to Germany to study Sigrun's notebooks and journals. As there were no homeopathic manufacturers in the US that were following the Seutemann protocols, Dr. Rau-Levine asked John if he would be interested in preparing remedies for her. John had homeopathic manufacturing experience as an owner of Erhart and Karl in Chicago IL in the mid-1970's (US) and with Quintessence in Madison, WI in the early 80's. Celletech was born. John and Dr. Rau-Levine invented the uni-dose tablet, which provided a method to treat patients without the use of injectables, which was Sigrun Seutemann's preferred method. John and Dr. Rau-Levine were able to apply the Seutemann model, including the usage of Krebs - Citric acid cycle supplements, via the uni-dose tablet.

Celletech - Seutemann protocol

Prior to becoming a homeopath, John had studied design and engineering in Chicago IL (US). This background helped him to see the system behind Sigrun's work. Sigrun would regularly prescribe a combination of a Krebs - Citric Acid cycle pair, a specific Citric Acid cycle acid, an organ of pathology - Liver for example - with its organ of drainage - Gall Bladder in this example - an industrial pollutant, and a single homeopathic remedy that corresponded to the general problem she was seeing. This method of combining a group of remedies came to be called the Celletech - Seutemann protocol. It is a combination of the clinical applications used by Sigrun Seutemann in her clinic, with the organ pairing of Five Phase theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Celletech describes John's structuring of these individual components as a homeochord. Homeochord is a term that has some general usage in homotoxicology and homeopathy. Our usage of the term is derived from Sigrun's work. Conceptually, a homeochord is a harmonious combination of remedies, similar to a musical chord, designed to cancel out a disease 'noise' form.

Environmental stress creates a layer of noise

Since the initial discovery of the disruption of classical style homeopathic prescribing, we have seen more and more people for whom 'homeopathy didn't work'. A classically trained homeopath will likely say that this is due to inadequate repertorization, which might be the case. However, there are so many people for whom this statement holds true, that we believe there are other forces at work. And the primary force is environmental stress - internal and external. Environmental stress is now a part of every human being, and every living system on our planet. So much so that it has obliterated the traditional individuated model of disease that is the basis for classical homeopathy. We are all surrounded and inundated by a wide variety of environmental problems - acid rain, global warming, pesticides and insecticides - to name just a few. The constant nature of the problem envelops each of us in a layer of noise, hiding the unique expression of the vital force given to each of us at birth. The disruption is not only continuous, it is also occurring at a very fundamental level: the Krebs Citric Acid cycle. Disruptions at this level affect the absorption of all foods and the creation of every cell. Until this problem is addressed, it is highly unlikely that any single remedy will produce a lasting cure. The new similimum for this problem must be a harmonious combination that begins to dampen the layer of noise. When the noise layer has been quieted by the use of homeochords and products that employ the Celletech - Seutemann protocol, the wonderful harmony waiting to be expressed inside each of us can be addressed by the use of classical methods.

Article by John Cain, August 2007

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