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Celletech - Safe, Effective, Easy-to-Use

Looking for a safe, effective, easy-to-use alternative to standard drug-based healthcare? You've come to the right spot. Our remedies are designed to help with your everyday health concerns: Allergies, Sinus problems, sleep troubles, indigestion, and stopping smoking are just a few of the problems where we can help - all without the use of drugs, side-effects or chemical additives.

Celletech remedies are effective and easy-to-use. Whether you prefer pellets or a liquid spray, we can accommodate your needs. Celletech remedies are made using a 21st century state of the art manufacturing process that guarantees the quality and purity of every product that we make.

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Look to the top of this page. In the red header you will find a Search field. Enter a part of a word, a whole word, or multiple words relevant to your search. Click on the blue arrow button. You will be taken to a page with a listing of products containing the text you entered. You can also search within any category - Family Care for instance - by entering your search terms in the search field and selecting a specific category from the drop down menu.

Celletech offers several different styles of products:


Celletech Singles

We offer the highest quality and largest selection of single remedies anywhere in the world.  We currently stock 40,000 single remedies in all standard potencies ranging from 6X to 10MM.  We also offer custom laboratory services covering unusual potencies, custom remedy mixing and manufacturing of specialty items.  See More...


This category is where you will find Celletech's best-selling products. Combination products that do not require reading difficult texts. Over eighty products designed to address your most common and uncommon concerns. If you are looking for help for more serious problems, our Celletech Family Care - Kits line is designed to address your needs.  See More...


The Boericke and Tafel company is one of the oldest and most respected Homeopathic companies in the world. National Homeotherapeutic Products is proud to be one of the largest distributors of their products.  Please feel free to search our website for any of their fine products.   See More...


If you need assistance finding a certain product or for help navigating our site

please feel free to contact us directly at 800-888-4066 or use the Contact Us link.

Educational Materials

 We also have some educational materials you might be interested in:

We suggest you start on our FAQ page. It contains the most common questions that we receive from people new to homeopathy, as well as a few uncommon answers. CLICK HERE 
John Cain - Celletech Founder - has made a series of instructional videos. CLICK HERE and scroll down on the page to see the links to John's videos on YouTube.

Our ARTICLES page contains links to articles written by us that discuss our background, including articles on homeotherapeutics and its backbone homotoxicology, as well as homeopathy. CLICK HERE to take a look.

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