Energy Enhancer Kit


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The Energy Enhancer Kit is Celletech's flagship product. It was developed over the course of several years of study and clinical applications. It is designed to help you adjust to the profound changes going on in our environment: Acid rain, Global warming, and the chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides found in every facet of our lives. Since the early 1990's, these changes and chemicals have accumulated to the point that they are damaging the process our cell's use to make energy - the Krebs Citric Acid Cycle. Just as we breathe air, our cells 'breathe' nutrients in this cycle. Damage to the Citric Acid cycle affects every cell in our bodies.

Taken daily with a multi-vitamin and mineral, the Energy Enhancer Kit is designed to repair the damage being caused to the Krebs/Citric Acid cycle. The Energy Enhancer kit contains a specific micro-nutrient complex for each day of the week. This kit helps the body absorb vitamins and restores balance to the major organ systems of the body. The kit has specific components for children, men, and pre- and post-menopausal women.

This is a Bioenergetic formulation. Bioenergetic formulations help re-establish healthy habits. They work gently and slowly to help bring your body back into balance and their effects accumulate with time.

Please note: Post-menopausal women take the Child formula on Wednesday's, not the Wednesday Female formula.

Contains: Krebs Citric Acid 1, prostate, testes, thyroid, thymus, acidum lacticum, uterus, ovary, Krebs Citric Acid 2, Insulin, Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas, Krebs Citric Acid 3, Indol, Lung, Large intestine, Krebs Citric Acid 4, histamine, kidney, urinary bladder, Krebs Citric Acid 5, Insulin, Liver, Gall Bladder, Krebs Citric Acid 6, skatol, heart, small intestine, ATP, Rescue Rx, B.F. Rx

Contains: 10 - 2 Dram vials in 6c potency