Texas Allergy Relief - Law of Unintended Consequences

From the Desk of John Cain:

Texas Allergy Relief

The Law of Unintended Consequences

We have developed one of the foremost products for relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Because of the success of this product we are now being asked numerous questions by thinking and educated people. These people are no longer satisfied with the statements:


  • it is homeopathic,
  • it causes no side effects,
  • if it is the wrong product it will not harm you,
  • just take it because it is safe, natural and organic,
  • there are no animal products or chemicals so try it, see how it works for you and if it does tell your friends about it.

Well, it is Homeotherapeutic. It gives instructions to your body along the nervous system and the immune system. It has been in use for almost 200 years and we have been making products this way for 20 years. We have sold tens of thousands of bottles per year, have had no adverse reactions reported and we have never had a product recall.

We are FDA regulated, we are inspected regularly by the Department of Agriculture for cleanliness, we are certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers, overseen by the Wisconsin Pharmacy Board and supervised for Kosher by the KOF-K .

Let’s talk about our unique Homeotherapeutic products. And, by the way, we also produce 12 other store-orientated products.

These products go by different names:

  • Sometimes Homeopathic,
  • Sometimes Micro-Nutrition Plus,
  • Sometimes Bach Flower remedies,
  • Sometimes Schuessler's Tissue Salts and so on...

We use a patented manufacturing process that allows us to remove the bioactive components of the herbs and other chemical substances, and amplify the energy signature (remanence), giving your body instructions on how to re-balance and regain health without the side-effects and possible disruption of your system.

We are not an herb. We are not a drug.
We are pure Energy Signature (remanence) helping you and
your body to be what you have always wanted to be - healthy!


"A Second" Unintended Consequence

As Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and standardization are introduced into the herbal and dietary supplement world, people are getting lost in the fog of bio-chemical science. And, we are getting dragged into the middle of the fray.

All of our products are labeled with the list of assayable ingredients and nonassayable energy signatures. In the FDA legal mandatory labeling system we are required to use a standardized group of abbreviations.

We are concerned that you may not be aware of these unique abbreviations and their meaning. Very soon we will post on our website (celletech.com) the full and long proper names of the assayable ingredients and non-assayable energy signatures. However, we believe this will only make the situation more confusing.

Please keep in mind that we do not use whole biological substances in our products. What we do use are the energy signatures (remanence) for the various substances in our products.

Our products are formulated following the LAWS OF HOMEOPATHIC ACTIONS. Therefore, when you give the energy signature of a substance that produces a set of symptoms, in its raw form, to a person who has the same set of symptoms due to a natural illness, those symptoms, can be relieved.

As an example: If you peel an onion you will get red runny eyes and a bland runny nose. These could be the symptoms of a severe allergy. The discharge from the eyes is acid, causing the redness of the eyes. The discharge from the nose is bland. This is very unique, since the discharges from the eyes and nose are usually the same. A very unique set of symptoms. If the energy signature (remedy) of the onion is given, it can relieve these specific allergy symptoms.

Sometimes in our chemically compromised environment we need the exact substance that we are reacting to in order to put things back in balance.

In the case of “Texas Allergy Relief; it is Cedar, Oak and Ragweed.”

We have added Texas Cedar, Oak and Ragweed to our special Acute Allergy Attack formula that also contains Mold, House Dust, Animal hair and Dander. Creating our custom Texas Allergy Relief.

Following is the exact list of ingredients for Texas Allergy Relief:

Assayable ingredients:

Style 1 – 80% Distilled Water and 20% Alcohol (Organic) Spray

Style 2 – 70% Sucrose (sugar) and 30% starch (corn) Round Pellets

NonAssayable Energy Signatures (remanence):

Ac.Sulf; [Acid Sulfuricum], K-II [Ac. Cit./Ac. Cis. Acid Citricum/Acid Cis-aconiticum] (Kreb cycle acids); Ren [Kidney], Nas.Muc.[Mucus Membrane], Her.[Liver] (organ), P.A.F. [Platelet Activating Factor], Wat.Bal.F. [Water Balance Factor], (body chemicals); Hou.Dus. [House Dust], Dust [General outside dust], Mold [General group of molds], Eschscholzia Californica (homeopathic) Cedar [Texas Cedar], Oak [Texas Oak], Ragweed [Texas Ragweed], (allergens).

John Cain with David Wandel