John's Front Porch

Looking for more information about Homeotherapeutics, Homeopathy and more? You've come to the right place. John Cain, Celletech President, is creating an on-going series of educational videos called 'John's Front Porch'. Check them out!

John's Front Porch #1

An introductory talk on homeotherapeutics, homeopathy, potency, frequency, best usage


John's Front Porch #2

In Visit #2, John discusses how often homeopathic and homeotherapeutic remedies can or should be repeated and continues the discussion on first and second generation remedies (homeopathy and homeotherapeutics).


John's Front Porch #3.1

In the first part of Visit #3, John goes into much greater depth on the subject of Potency and how often one should repeat a homeotherapeutic or homeopathic remedy.


John's Front Porch #3.2

John continues his talk on Potency from #3.1