What's the difference between an X and a C potency?

In a standard pharmaceutical - mechanical homeopathic preparation, the 'X' potencies are created according to the decimal scale. A potency of 1x means that one part of the original material was diluted with 9 parts of the diluent and then shaken (first amplification). A 2x potency is one part of the 1x with 9 parts of the diluent added to it, shaken (second amplification). Serially continued, it can be continued to the potency desired.

'C' potencies are created on the centisimal scale. A 1c is one part material and 99 parts diluent shaken (first amplification). A 2c potency is one part of the 1c with 99 parts of diluent and shaken (amplified twice). This can be serially continued to the desired potency. The primary objective of the pharmaceutical - mechanical method is to remove the toxic substance as quickly as possible. Once the toxic components are removed, the energetic signature of the original material is amplified by succussion. Remedies beyond 24x or 12c do not contain any of the original material. What remains is the energetic signature of the original material.

Celletech's Micro-Nutrition Plus products are manufactured according to similar principles, except that we start with the energetic signature of the original material, rather than the material itself. This method allows us to guarantee the potency and purity of our products. Pharmaceutical - mechanical products, of less than 24x or 12c potency, can create allergic reactions to the original material in highly sensitive individuals, as there is still some of the material left in the product. Celletech prefers to promote the 'C' potencies to help consumers avoid getting products, from Kent and Allen or Boericke & Tafel for example, which might cause an allergic response.

The 'X' and 'C' controversy is particularly problematic for stores. Most consumers in the U.S. are reading books that refer to 'X' potencies. When a consumer goes to a store, they are frequently only looking for the 'X' potency. If a store owner is not stocking 'X' potencies, there might not be an opportunity to help educate the customer.

For a great period of time, Schuessler's Tissue Salts, which come in the 6x potency, were the only homeopathic homeotherapeutic preparation available to consumers. These products were intentionally created to retain some of the original material, as it was thought to be a necessary component to stimulate a therapeutic response. If this is true of Schuessler's Tissue Salts - a fine product which we carry - how could it not be true for traditionally prepared lower potency remedies?

5/15/07 John Cain and Michael Leger