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The FDA does not allow us to use descriptive terms for our products. For instance, we cannot call a product that works great for Allergies, Acute Allergy Attack, because that would be interpreted as a disease diagnosis. This could be seen as a drug claim. We are forced to call it something like Acute Nasal Balance. The only allergy treatment products the FDA will allow are pharmaceutical drugs.

No, this doesn't make any more sense to us than it does to you, but that is the current state of regulation in the U.S. Why would the FDA take this stance? A variety of reasons have been proposed. One that makes sense to us; If the FDA stops supplement and alternative healthcare companies like ours from accurately describing their products, you won't be able to find what you're looking for, you won't purchase products, and alternative healthcare companies like ours will go out of business. And you will be left with one choice for your healthcare: pharmaceutical drugs. As a result you will note that many of our great combination products use the word "Balance" in their product names. 'Balance' is the best word we can use to describe the process of re-establishing health after you experience a problem. In biological systems this form of balance is called homeostasis.

The FDA is actively trying to get around the dietary supplement law. The FDA wants to put into place a regulation that will cause dietary supplements, herbs and even juices to become reclassified as drugs, if you intend to use them to treat a health problem. What does this mean? If you intend to treat a problem that the FDA classifies as a disease - like a cough for instance - with your herb, juice or supplement, you have changed the juice, herb, or supplement into a drug! If these shenanigans, or our inability to provide you with accurate information, bothers you as much as it bothers us, please contact your Representative by Clicking Here. Ask them to co-sponsor HR2117 (click here for the details of this legislation), or to support the bill's passage. You can contact your Senators by Clicking Here. You can also write a comment to the FDA. Click Here for contact information.