What potency should I take?

Potency, or why stronger is not necessarily better


6c: Two to four times daily for up to a week

A 6c potency is best for temporary relief of a minor acute problem - taken before gardening to help avoid overexertion, for occasional upset stomach, perhaps some sleeplessness. It is also a useful potency to teach the body. We use it for our Energy Enhancer Kit, where we help teach the body how to create healthier cells. It can be taken two to four times per day for up to a week.


12c: Rarely used

12c is a potency that is rarely used. However, if prescribed by a health professional or other recommendation, Celletech is happy to provide you with this potency.


30c: Two to four times daily for a few days

30c is the best potency for first aid. It is useful for colds and flu's, before and after dental visits, and everyday household concerns.


200c: One to two times daily for no more than 2 days maximum

The 200c potency is best for acute first aid for a more significant problem. More often recommended by professionals.

Celletech Forte (F):

 Celletech, following German homotoxicology studies, created the Forte potency. The Forte potency is a combination of 6c, 12c, 30c, and 200c potencies. When a Forte remedy is given, the body is able to choose the potency it needs and discard the others. This is one of the major advantages of energetic medicine. The body can select the best frequency/potency at that moment in time and ignore frequencies, without any confusion.


1M, 10M, 50M, CM, MM, 10MM Professional remedies:

These remedies should only be given by professionals and only one or two doses in a lifetime, never multiple times per day for multiple days. Please actively question anyone recommending otherwise.


LM Potencies:

 LM potencies are a recent discovery of Hahnemann's Organon. Consists of a 1:50,000 dilution and used almost exclusively in the United States by professionals. Become energetically much stronger on a much quicker basis than 'X' or 'C' potencies. For instance, an LM5 is nearly equivalent to a 200C, and an LM8 is nearly equivalent to a 1M.

Other potencies:

There are a wide variety of other potencies available and described in the medical literature. Research that Celletech principals have studied suggests that these potencies are not as effective as the ones listed above. They can be useful when prescribed by a professional familiar with the specifics of remedy preparation.



John Cain 8/2007