A Short History of Homeotherapeutics - A Better Way to Health

Up until the 1930’s, Homeotherapeutics was the leading form of medical therapy used by university-trained physicians and veterinarians. With the advent of World War II, modern chemical pharmaceutical drugs such as Penicillin were developed. By the end of the war, these new drugs were found to be faster and easier to use, and they soon replaced Homeotherapeutic products in the U.S. By the 1980’s however, issues related to chemical pharmaceuticals were public knowledge. Side effects, allergies, and toxicities became regular stories in the evening news. As a result, Homeotherapeutic products were once more looked to as a viable alternative to modern pharmaceutical chemicals.

In the 1950’s in Europe, acupuncture was becoming a popular medical resource, primarily in France and Germany. Acupuncture was found to be a viable, non-drug therapy, especially when used with Homeotherapeutic products. As part of their introduction of acupuncture to the West, European medical doctors were able to map and trace acupuncture meridians using electronic measuring tools. As the meridians and their associated points were mapped out, they also found that cells along the acupuncture meridians were good conductors of low voltage current, where the cells adjoining them were not. This low voltage current could be measured and manipulated along the acupuncture meridians. Equipment was designed to measure the resistance along the meridians and a relationship was found between states of health and resistance levels in the acupuncture points. On an oscilloscope, it was also observed that the wave form changed as the acupuncture points moved from hypoactive to hyperactive. Equipment was designed to transmit low voltage charges at different wave forms, and the patients were displaying permanent changes on the resistance meter. A normal reading could be reached by merely using different wave forms at different points along the acupuncture meridians.

A homeopathic physician named Sigrun Seutemann suggested putting the correct Homeotherapeutic products for her patient into the circuitry of the electro-acupuncture machine. She re-measured the meridians to see if the Homeotherapeutic product changed the resistance. To everyone’s surprise, the correct Homeotherapeutic remedy that was placed in the circuit and given to the patient caused the resistant readings to return to normal. It was clearly shown that there was a relationship between observable wave form changes, change in resistance in the acupuncture meridians, different Homeotherapeutic products and the general health of the patient. This real-time testing became the predominant diagnostic modality in Europe instead of comparing poisoning symptoms to illness symptoms, referred to as repertorizing in the United States.

In England, this information was used to determine the appropriate Homeotherapeutic product for a patient. It was clearly found that Homeotherapeutic products were based on physics, not biochemistry, and were probably vibrating crystals, much as is found in computers, radios and other magnetically based devices. In time researchers were able to map and plot the footprint of the shape of each crystal.

From this research in England, Germany and France evolved new production procedures for Homeotherapeutic products using this basic theory. The finished Homeotherapeutic products could more accurately be produced by Magnetic/Mechanical procedures rather than the Pharmaceutical/Mechanical procedures of the 1800’s, which were still the primary production form in the United States. Because of the regulatory atmosphere in the United States, the new research from Europe and England has not been widely adopted in the United States. The United States lags considerably behind Europe in alternative production methods and the use of Homeotherapeutic products.

For the last eighteen years Celletech™ has taken a lead in the introduction, production and use of Homeotherapeutic style health care products using advanced research methods from Europe to manufacture European-style Homeotherapeutic products. The equipment brought in from England uses printed circuit cards that reflect the mapping of the shape of the vibrating crystals for the desired product.

Celletech™ has been using this production technology since 1986. Mr. Cain, the founder and President of Celletech™, has been using this technology since the mid-1970’s when studying abroad. He has supervised several double blind studies in medical clinics in the United States where M.D. Homeopathic physicians treated patients utilizing this technology. It was clearly found that the 1800’s style, Pharmaceutical/Mechanical method produced remedies that had considerable variations from company to company and from lot to lot. However, the European-style Magnetic/Mechanical produced Homeotherapeutic products (produced by Celletech), are highly consistent from lot to lot.

In 2002 Celletech™ successfully passed the in-depth review process of the Rabbinical team at KOF-K, Teaneck, New Jersey and under their ongoing supervision produces Kosher Homeotherapeutic products. The first, to the best of our knowledge, to have a fully operational production facility under Kosher supervision nationwide. In 2006 Celletech took the next logical step and became 100% Certified Organic. Celletech is under the supervision of Natural Food Certifiers, headed up by Rabbi Reuven Flamer in partnership with the Chai Center of Lubavitch of Westchester, New York.

We are pleased to offer you our Celletech Organic and Kosher products, John Cain

 John Cain

May 2007