Mature Skin Toner Kit


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**Celletech Kits may contain lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

This two-month supply helps the mature woman return to balance after menopause. Can help with, bone density imbalances, skin wrinkle imbalances and other physical and emotional, post-menopausal balance.

Mature Skin Toner Kit is one of Celletech's Bioenergetic formulations. Celletech's Bioenergetic formulations help re-establish healthy habits. They work slowly and gently to help create a new level of health and well-being. The Kits are Celletech's most powerful Bioenergetic products. They work at a deep cellular level to help rebuild each one of the billions of cells in your body.

All natural, chemical-free, without side effects. Looking for an alternative or complement to pharmaceuticals with a laundry list of side effects? You've come to the right place. Celletech - The Natural Choice.

BOTTLE #1 Estrogeninum (6C) (48 tablets)
BOTTLE #2 Progesteroninum (6C) (20 tablets)
BOTTLE #3 Sanguis Mensa (6C) (12 Tablets)
PACK #1 Kali Carbonicum; Calcarea Carbonica; Water Balance; Argile (6C)