Family Care - Kits

Celletech Family Care - Kits were first developed by a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and trained Homeopath, to fill a need in today’s world.  These kits were designed for a more comprehensive treatment.

Just as “Celletech Family Care Products” were designed as combinations, the same approach has been used to produce the many kits described in the following pages.

The Energy Enhancement Kit is our foundation kit, on which we encourage our customers to build.  Your body can be returned to balance and can be kept in balance by regular use of the Energy Enhancer Kit.  Other products and kits are then more effectively used. 

As you can see, Celletech™ kits are diverse and available to help your body rebalance itself when it is confronted with allergens, toxins, chemicals and other challenges. 

Always see a healthcare professional if problems persist.

Seasonal Balance Kit - Summer


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When it is dry and dusty with hot days & nights.

Seasonal Balance Kit - Winter


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When your home is heated, closed up and dry with air carrying dust and mold from your heating vents.

SEVERE WINTER BALANCE KIT (2020-2021) Updated Version

CODE: CT 205

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The Severe Winter Balance Kit contains the following four bottles in the one ounce size: Winter Tonic Plus   (Updated 2020-2021 Version) ... More

Stop Smoking Kit


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When you really want to stop smoking, and you want a non-pharmaceutical, no side effect method, Stop Smoking Plus will help you kick the habit.

Vaginal Yeast Balance Kit


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This is a two-bottle set. Bottle one is a liquid used topically to re-establish balance from itching. The tablets in bottle two are taken internally to re-balance the entire body. The tablets in bottle two can be used, in the future, at the first signs of a pending imbalance.