Southwest Spring Allergy Balance


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Southwest Spring Allergy Relief is one of our Bioenergetic formulas. Bioenergetic formulas help rebuild the body at a deep cellular level. Bioenergetic formulas take a three-pronged approach to building health. They begin with Citric Acid/Krebs cycle components.

Research initiated in Germany in the 1960's and 70's showed a disruption of energetic processes in humans, animals and plants at the cellular level, due to industrial pollution and what came to be known as Acid rain. When there are environmental sensitivities we have found that it is best to start at the cellular level to begin to correct problems.

The next layer is composed of the energetic signatures for the appropriate organs. For example, in the case of Southwest Spring Allergy Relief we use Nasal Mucosa, plus Kidney and Liver. These organs help the body drain the toxins associated with the problem.

The next layer is composed of the energetic signatures for common allergens - trees, plants, dust, pollens and molds. The body learns to more appropriately respond to common allergens when they are given in the form of energetic signatures, or homeopathic-style form.

The combination of these various ingredients, bio-energetically blended, helps the body overcome the sensitivities at a deep cellular level.

Southwest Spring Allergy Relief is a blend of the following homeotherapeutic products:

Ocotillo cactus, Creosote, Orange, Mesquite, Palo verde, Ironwood, Juniper, Grass mix, Cedar, Brown-eyed susan and Arizona dust (All 6c)

in a base of our Acute Allergy Balance formula:

Acidum Sulfuricum; Renalis; Mold Combo; Nasal Mucosa; Platelet Activating Factor; Esch. Cali.; Water Balance; Mold Oral Antigens; House Dust; Dog & Cat Hair; KII; Dust + Mold (All F)