Seasonal Balance Kit - Winter


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**Celletech Kits may contain lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

When your home is heated, closed up and dry with air carrying dust and mold from your heating vents.

PACK #1 Fumaricum Acidum; Malicum Acidum; Beta-V; Liver; Gall Bladder (G); Chronic Allergic Sinusitis; P.A.F. (F); Magnesium-Manganum Phosphoricum; Mineral Complex (G)
PACK #2 Isocitricum Acidum; Barium Oxalosuccinicum; Sulphuricum Acidum; Bronchus; Colon (G); Acidophilus (F); Sinusitis; Candida Albicans (6C); Crab Apple (1C); Mineral Complex(F)
PACK #3 Acidum Succinicum; Acidum á-Ketoglutaricum; Histamine; Adrenal Gland; Kidney; Chinhydron (G); Water Balance (F); Mineral Complex (G)
BOTTLE #1 Acidum Citricum; Acidum Cis-Aconiticum(G); Histamine; Cerebrum; Stomach; Spleen; Acute Allergy/Winter; Cat/Dog/House Dust; Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (6C)
BOTTLE #2 Acidum Citricum; Acidum Cis-Aconiticum (G); Histamine; Nasal Mucosa; Colon; Nasal Polyp; Acute Allergy/Winter; Cat/Dog/House Dust; Silicea (6C)