Seasonal Balance Kit - Spring


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**Celletech Kits may contain lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

Use for periods when it is cold, damp. wet, pollen and mold is present, and when there are cool days and cold nights.

PACK #1 Citricum Acidum; Cis-Aconiticum Acidum; Asparagicum; Colon; Nasal Mucosa; Chronic Allergic Sinusitis; P.A.F.; Sulphurosum Acidum; Magnesium-Manganum Phosphoricum (F)
PACK #2 Isocitricum Acidum; Barium Oxalosuccinicum; Histamine; Vesica Uri; Ren; Lentinian; Water Balance Factor (F); Tree Pollens Herb Combination (6C); Crab Apple (1C)
PACK #3 Fumaricum Acidum; Malicum Acidum; Acidum Sulphuricum; Hepar; Vesica Fellea; Ozena; Insecticide Mix; Ubi Quinone (F)
BOTTLE #1 Cerebrum; Stomach; Spleen; Normalize Mucous Membrane Secretion; Sabadilla (6C)
BOTTLE #2 Nasal Mucosa; Colon; Reduce Inflammation Factor; Vitamin C; Bovista (6C)