Pre-Vaccination Kit - Polio


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**Celletech Kits may contain Lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

We have prepared several different Celletech™ kits to address the most widely recommended vaccination regimens.  Our goal in preparing these kits is to minimize risk to those vaccinated, not to replace vaccinations. 

These kits were developed by a medical physician (M.D.) in the early 1990’s and have been in clinical use since that time.  Each unique kit prepares the body for the shock of the vaccine and the trauma of a major imbalance.  Each kit alerts and strengthens the organs that might be adversely affected by the vaccine.  In this way, the vaccine or imbalance does not overwhelm the body. 

Our all-natural products contain no toxic chemicals or animal by-products.  If you need more information, please contact us at 800-888-4066.

There is no substitute for vaccinations;
There is only a safer way of using them.
An unvaccinated child is a child at risk,
An over-vaccinated child is a weakened child. 
Find the middle ground. 

1. Do not use too many vaccines too close together.
2. Older babies tolerate vaccinations better than young babies. 
3. Give one vaccination at a time/use as few vaccinations as possible.
4. Space vaccinations two months apart.
5. Do not vaccinate a sick baby.

Pre-Vaccination Kits must be started 5 days prior to receiving the vaccine.

Celletech Post-Vaccination Detox Kits

Post-Vaccination Detoxification Kits are available for customers who have already received a vaccine and were adversely effected.  The detoxification protocol uses a Pre-Vaccination Kit which is converted using the Post-Vaccination Detox Protocol.  This information sheet will inform you about the conversion.  You must specify if you would like these additional instruction included with your kit.

PACK #1-4 Polio (6C)
PACK #5 Fumaricum Acidum; Malicum Acidum; Sulphuricum; Acidum; Cerebrum; Medulla Oblongata; Herpes 1&2;Trichinoyl; Polio; Magnesium-Manganum Phosphoricum(F)
PACK #6 Citricum Acidum; Cis-Aconiticum; Sulphuricum Acidum; Cerebrum; Medulla Oblongata; Hepatitis; Trichinoyl; Polio (F)
PACK #7 Polio (6C)

**Please note: Celletech Pre-Vaccination Kits are designed to be used one kit for one vaccination type at a time. A single Celletech Pre-Vaccination Kit cannot be used to prepare the body for multiple vaccinations. If your child is getting multiple vaccinations, don't order multiple pre-vaccination kits and give them all at the same time. Only one vaccine and one pre-vaccination kit at a time, spaced out 2 months apart.