Mercury Pre-Removal Procedure Kit


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**Celletech Kits may contain lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

Used to pre-balance and protect the body prior to the removal of dental amalgams. Aids in the elimination of toxins. Re-balances gums and teeth after the dental procedure.

PACK #1-4 Amalgum + Mercurius Solubilis (6C)
PACK #5 Acidum Cis-Aconitum; Acidum Sulphuricum ; Gingiva; Colon; Herpes Zoster (G); Mepivacaine (F); Aconite (30C); Amalgam + Mercurius Solubilis (F); Magnesium Manganum Phosphoricum (G)
PACK #6 Acidum Citricum, Acidum Cis-Aconiticum; Acidum Sulphuricum; Gingiva; Ren; Herpes Zoster (G); Mepivacaine (F); Arnica; Hypericum (30C)
PACK #7 Isocitricum Acidum; Bar Oxalosuccinicum; Acidum Sulphuricum; Gingiva; Pulpa Dentis; Staphylococcus A (G); Streptococcus (6C); Arnica; Ledum; Calendula (30C)