Ear Balance Kit


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**Celletech Kits may contain lactose tablets.  Contact us directly if you prefer a dairy free (Kosher) option.** 

This kit of ingredients adjusts the imbalance where things have progressed to pain and fever. This will rarely occur if the above two products are used at the first sign of problems.

PACK #1 Acidum Citricum; Acidum Cis-Aconiticum; Acidum Asparagicum; Ren; Spleen; Otitis (G) Pulsatilla (F); Magnesium Manganum Phosphoricum (G)
PACK #2 Isocitricum Acidum; Baryum Oxalsuccinicum; Acidum Sulphuricum; Nasal Mucosa; Colon; Diphtherinum; Myosotis (G); Pulsatilla; Vitamin C (F)
PACK #3 Acidum Succinicum; Acidum A-Ketoglutaricum; Cysteine; Eustachian Tube; Spleen; Staphylococcus; Streptococcus; Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (all G); Vitamin C (F)
PACK #4 Acidum Fumaricum-Acidum Malicum; Histamine; Ren; Eustachian Tube; Spleen; Thymus (G); Kali Muriaticum; Vitamin C (F)
BOTTLE #1 Eustachian Tube; Reduce Inflammation; Platelet Activating Factor; Kali Muriaticum; Mercurius Dulcis (6C)