Dynamic Rejuvenation for Women


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Recommended usage: Up to three times daily: before your workout, after your workout and before bed. As with all of our Bioenergetic formulations, effects will build very gradually. In order to experience the best results from this product, we recommend taking Dynamic Rejuvenation consistently for three months to achieve full effects.

Contains energetic signatures for: All Kre., Bar. Oxa., Cel. Org. Com., CoQ., Aer., Pan., Mus. Gro. Fac., Gro. fac. com. + RNA/DNA, Stan., FBL, FBA, Chr., Ame., Rub.

All Energetic signatures in Dynamic Rejuvenation are specifically potentized for maximum effectiveness in a 7x/11x/18x/30x and 6c combination.

Carriers contain the following:
Pellets: 70% sucrose, 30% starch of corn
Liquid Spray: 80% distilled water, 20% alcohol