Acute Nasal Balance


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Buying the bulk-size Tissue boxes? Dreading those late summer and fall flowers and pollens? Acute Nasal Balance is your solution. It can be taken every 5 minutes as needed, until your symptoms subside. 

Restores your body's balance after you are exposed (nasal discharge) to dust, animals, plants, or mold.

Contains: Aci. Sul.; Ren; Mol Com; Nas Muc; Pla. Act. Fac.; Esc. Cal.; Wat. Bal.; Mol. Ora. Ant.; Hou. Dus.; Dog & Cat Hai; KII; Dus+Mol (All F Potency)

Carriers contain the following:
Pellets: 70% sucrose, 30% starch of corn
Liquid Spray: 80% distilled water, 20% organic alcohol