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Welcome. You have come to this site for a reason. Maybe you are browsing. Maybe you are seeking. And, it may be you want to change how you look at health. Your health, the health of your children, or family and friends.

Whatever the reason, you have made a good choice. We are very unique. We represent the largest custom producers of Homeotherapeutic products in the world.

Celletech - Boericke & Tafel - Cell-Ag

Celletech has discovered a way to produce the only Organic and Kosher products anywhere, along with offering many unusual products.

We also represent traditional Homeopathic products by Boericke & Tafel.

We represent the Organic Cell-Ag Company, providing Animal Only products for the Organic Dairy Farmer.

Since 1988, we have been a leader and pioneer. What you will find on our website are a host of products that can improve your life, that of your family and the life of your Organic Dairy animals.

Will our products work for everyone? Of course not! However, we have found that during the past twenty-eight plus years we have helped tens of thousands of people change how they approach health care issues and the products they choose to assist in the process.

As a company devoted to good health, we have gone out of our way to choose manufacturers that are regulated and reviewed. Our family of companies are regulated or overseen by:

  • The FDA
  • Departments of Agriculture (Federal and State)
  • Natural Food Certifiers (Organic)
  • KOF-K (Kosher)
  • DEA (For those who manufacture their own tablets)
  • ATF (For those who use alcohol in their manufacturing)

Our family of products are held to the highest standards and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Per direction from the FDA and other regulatory agencies, we carefully present our numerous products in a non-medical/claims manner.

As you persue the fine companies we represent, you will immediately notice that we are careful to make statements that are non-treatment related and lack detailed explanations. Our goal has always been to present our products in a simple and straightforward manner. And, we keep our pricing structures within the range of everyone seeking assistance for the every-day issues that life presents. We do this to be both competitive and appropriate.

Enjoy your time visiting our fine family of companies. Our singular goal is to help people and their animals lead a healthier and fuller life. We have many, many repeat and satisfied customers.

Some of our biggest sellers include the Celletech Energy Enhancement Kit, a daily regimen to help re-balance the vital organs of the body and the Celletech pre- and post- vaccination products.

Or maybe you desire a cream, gel, or one of the most competitively priced single Homeopathic remedies, then visit  Boericke & Tafel. Or, you might try Celletech's restless sleep product or simply want to deal with seasonal issues using one of the Celletech Family Care products.

Through Cell-Ag, we also offer a complete line of Animal Only Organic products.

We have it all right here. Come in and enjoy your journey. From traditional Homeopathic products to the most unique alternative Micro-Nutrition Plus™ products, we have it for you.

Always feel free to call and ask questions. We are here to help.

Thank you and be healthy,

The Celletech Staff