Winter Tonic Plus 2018-2019


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**The 2018-2019 Winter Tonic has been updated**

For the past 100 years, the alternative health care community has had their own answers to “winter illnesses.” In the epidemic of 1918  of 26,000 cases treated by this community in the US, there was a fatality rate of 1.05% compared to 28.2% for conventionally treated patients.

Celletech’s Homeotherapeutic Winter Tonic Plus is a proprietary combination of every “winter illness” type from 1918 to the present. It is updated every year with the latest “winter illness type”. The combination of “winter illness” types are combined with additional targeting agents that help your body adjust and respond to this year’s “winter illness”.

We have the new Winter Tonic available now called Winter Tonic Plus.  This new Winter Tonic Plus includes Krebs Cycle Acids that helps feed and stimulate the cells of the body to help deal with new "Winter Illnesses" more efficiently. 

One bottle of Winter Tonic Plus will serve the entire family. That means you and your family can update your protection weekly.  Remember, Winter Tonic Plus is more than one seasons flu vaccine, it is 94 years of different types of "Winter Illnesses", (1918 through 2018/19) along with the European Winter Illness types called La grippe.
For the last 20+ years Winter Tonic and Winter Balance II have been a great alternative to the Over-The-Counter products that are not natural, make you drowsy and are full of chemicals.

As a preventative Winter Tonic Plus, along with Winter Balance II should be taken once a week during the Winter season. 

If you become ill, Winter Tonic Plus, along with Winter Balance II should be taken 4 times a day until better.

Homeotherapeutic targeting agents:

Winter Tonic Plus:  1918 “Winter Illness,” Celletech Proprietary “Winter Illness” combination, Otitis; Sinusitis; Grippe. (All 6C) 

Assayable Ingredients:

                                         Dry pellets: Sucrose (70%), Starch of Corn (30%)
                                         Spray: 80% Steam Distilled Water, 20% Alcohol

Question: Why should I take Winter Tonic Plus and Winter Balance II together?

Winter Tonic Plus helps your body mount a defense against the onslaught of "Winter Illnesses", but it does not address the symptoms associated with the onslaught. Your body will respond more quickly and effectively to the "Winter Illnesses", but you won't get the symptom relief that helps you adjust. Taken together, Winter Tonic Plus and Winter Balance II can provide symptomatic relief as well as a deep response. For the best defense, we recommend that both formulas be taken on a weekly basis during the "Winter Illness" season, and that they be carried in purse or backpack so that they can be taken at the first signs that you have picked up a bug. The best defense is an early offense!