Winter Balance II


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Winter Balance II is a heaping handful of help for the Winter season. A harmonious blend of the most effective remedies, combined with bioenergetic products specifically targeted to help you.  For best results, use along with Winter Tonic Plus.

Winter Balance II is a great example of Celletech’s 21st-century approach to complementary healthcare.  This approach is founded on state-of-the-art homeopathic/homeotherapeutic research from Europe, combined with twenty plus years of experience in product formulation. Harmoniously blending Krebs/Citric Acid cycle components, organ targeting agents and specific homeotherapeutics, we deliver the ingredients your body needs to relieve your symptoms at a deep cellular level. Free from side effects, safe, effective and easy-to-use, Celletech is 21st-century complementary healthcare.

Homeotherapeutic targeting agents include: Aco, Bel, Bry, Gel, Eup, Col, Nas Muc, Nat Pyr, Cis-Aco, Ant; Hep B 

Carriers contain the following:

Pellets: 70% sucrose, 30% starch of corn
Spray: 80% Steam Distilled Water, 20% Alcohol