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Fall Nasal Balance provides effective, drug-free, relief from problems associated with the fall season caused by trees, pollens, molds, and dust. It also gently and effectively teaches your body to be less sensitive to these problems.

Fall Nasal Balance is one of Celletech's Bioenergetic formulations. Bioenergetic formulations help re-establish healthy habits. They work gently and slowly to help bring your body back into balance and their effects accumulate with time.

All natural, chemical-free, without side effects. Looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals with a laundry list of side effects? You've come to the right place. Bioenergetic formulations can also be helpful as a complement to pharmaceutical drugs.

Recommended usage: Can be taken up to 4 times daily until symptoms subside.

Contains: AcCit AcCis, Acidum Sulphuricum, Renalis, Dust + Mold; Mold; Nasal Mucosa; Platelet Activating Factor; Water Balance Factor; Mold Antigens; House Dust + Dog and Cat Hair, Fall Pollens; Ambrosia Psilostach; Ambrosia Trilida; Maize Pollen; Alternaria; Aspergillus; Solidago; Sinusitus Chronic Allergic (All F)

Carriers contain the following:
Pellets: 70% sucrose, 30% starch of corn
Liquid Spray: 80% distilled water, 20% organic alcohol