Family Care - Kits

Celletech Family Care - Kits were first developed by a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and trained Homeopath, to fill a need in today’s world.  These kits were designed for a more comprehensive treatment.

Just as “Celletech Family Care Products” were designed as combinations, the same approach has been used to produce the many kits described in the following pages.

The Energy Enhancement Kit is our foundation kit, on which we encourage our customers to build.  Your body can be returned to balance and can be kept in balance by regular use of the Energy Enhancer Kit.  Other products and kits are then more effectively used. 

As you can see, Celletech™ kits are diverse and available to help your body rebalance itself when it is confronted with allergens, toxins, chemicals and other challenges. 

Always see a healthcare professional if problems persist.

Ear Balance Kit


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This kit of ingredients adjusts the imbalance where things have progressed to pain and fever. This will rarely occur if the above two products are used at the first sign of problems.

Bladder Balance Kit


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Rebalances the stinging and burning that frequent urination relieves in bladder dysfunction.

Vaginal Yeast Balance Kit


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This is a two-bottle set. Bottle one is a liquid used topically to re-establish balance from itching. The tablets in bottle two are taken internally to re-balance the entire body. The tablets in bottle two can be used, in the future, at the first signs of a pending imbalance.

Energy Pack - Lung / Large Intestine


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Supports the lung and large intestine and aids vitamin absorption

Energy Pack - Heart / Small Intestine


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Supports the heart and small intestine and aids vitamin absorption

Seasonal Balance Kit - Fall


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When pollen and mold is present, for windy conditions, during radical weather changes, for wet leaf mold, and hot days and cold nights.

Energy Pack - Liver / Gall Bladder


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Supports the liver and gall bladder and aids vitamin absorption

Energy Pack - Kidney / U. Bladder


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Supports the kidneys and urinary bladder and aids vitamin absorption

Jet Lag Kit


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This two-bottle set relaxes the urgency before a trip, helps to make the trip less stressful, and also relieves the problems caused by lack of sleep, and polluted air in the plane.

Ear Drainage Kit


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This kit of ingredients is a thirty day regimen that acts to resolve the chronic fluid build up in the ear and drain it naturally before it can become a more serious problem.